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You've been with us for almost a year now - one of the newcomers, if you will! How did you experience your integration into the team?

We are definitely a young and dynamic team, so joining the team was quite pleasant. There is a very pleasant working atmosphere and we get along very well. Everyone is helpful and all work together for a successful company.

What training have you completed and what position do you now hold at Kostad?

After my education at the HTL Eisenstadt I really wanted to develop myself further and so I decided to study mechanical engineering at the TU Vienna. Now I work as a design engineer at Kostad.

What are the daily tasks of a design engineer at Kostad?

My start was very turbulent because I could hardly claim any training time from my predecessor. However, with the help of my colleagues, I managed to internalise my role for the position in a very short time. At Kostad, I design housings for charging stations. For existing charging stations, I draw the changes that are deemed necessary by customers or also from our side. Additional features such as plug holders or cable management are developed for both new and existing products. As I am also involved in prototyping, I often use our 3D printer for initial samples. I also draw 3D visualisations for the preparation of quotations.

Are you particularly proud of one of your constructions, and why?

I am particularly proud of the UrbanCharger for Russia because it was my first big project, which was also very challenging. However, I have learned a lot. I find projects like this particularly interesting because my contribution is big and I learn a lot.

What in particular needs to be considered when designing charging stations?

Aesthetics is an important aspect because the stations are placed in public areas. In addition, security is an important point. It must be designed to be both safe for the operator and secure against vandalism. The station must function smoothly in continuous operation, so thermal conditions must also be taken into account.


Electric or combustion engine?

Meanwhile Electro

Acceleration or comfort?

Acceleration, for sure.

Maximum speed or distance?


Mercedes or BMW?


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