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Customer: KHU Sondermaschinenbau GmbH

Period: 2012

Duration: 3 years

Service: Cable assembly plant

Cable assembly plant and control cabinets

The company KHU Sondermaschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1980 and since then has specialised in the production of special and customised machines. The company is located in Hagenbrunn.

Together with the company KHU, Kostad Steuerungsbau GmbH has delivered 4 machines for cable confectioning for the cable factory of the company Gebauer & Griller in the Czech Republic. We from Kostad Steuerungsbau GmbH have taken over the cabling of the machine sensors, their commissioning and the production of the associated control cabinets for this project. After programming, the machine is now in use for fully automatic cable production for the automotive industry.

Portfolio Details