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In the beginning of March, we started to film the new image film for the electromobility division of Kostad.

The starting point was in the historic ambience of the Austria Trend Hotel Astoria, first opened in 1912. The large salon provided the perfect setting for the desired dramaturgy of the spot. One man, a Bösendorfer grand piano and a piece of music - that's all it took to get the desired result on film. Afterwards, the tour continued to the neighboring town of Baden near Vienna. With beautiful weather, the Unity50 charging station was placed and the second part of the video was recorded.

Because no matter what goals we have, electromobility and the associated charging stations bring us together to one goal - CO2 friendly. The next part of the filming is already on the way and soon everyone will be able to see the result for themselves.

With KOSTAD charging stations you keep the freedom to pursue your goals!

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