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Dear Manuel, you have been in the sales team at Kostad for over a year now, how would you describe the way of working and the team structure?

I would say that we at Kostad are a young, motivated and dynamic team. A big family, in fact.

Since Corona, the "classic" sales conversation has shifted from face-to-face meetings to various digital media, has this shift been fraught with complications?

There were no complications. You can manage your time better with online meetings and are less tied to a specific location. However, a balanced mix of online and face-to-face contact is the best solution.

What are the daily tasks of a sales employee at Kostad?

I mainly deal with sales calls, processing inquiries, preparing quotations and providing technical advice.

If you are allowed to talk about it, which "deal" are you particularly proud of and why?

I am proud of each degree, as it represents Kostad, stands fully behind our products and I am looking forward to having gained another satisfied customer.

Did you have any contact with the topic of electromobility before you started at Kostad?

Yes, in fact I got involved with the topic of e-mobility quite early on and gained my experience. The crowning achievement in this sector was then to work for a company like KOSTAD.

Market shares are always a big issue - which country in Europe or worldwide is pointing the most clearly in the direction of e-mobility with its initiatives and thus clearly showing the right way?

As a comparatively small country, Austria has taken a clear step in the direction of electromobility. However, France and Norway are currently leading the way, and all European countries are slowly following suit.


Pip: Electric or combustion engine?

Manuel: Definitely electric.

Acceleration or comfort?

With electromobility, you have both.

Maximum speed or distance?

Yet here is the distance.


I opt for BMW.