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New charging stations for the Polenergia eMobility network

New charging stations for the Polenergia eMobility network.
In the underground parking lot of the Factory Ursus shopping center, Polenergia eMobility recently put four charging stations into operation, including:

1 Unity120 from Kostad
The Unity120 fast charging station supports the three charging standards widely used in Europe. Type2 (AC), CHAdeMO (DC) and CCS (DC). Thereby 2 DC charging processes with 60kW each can run simultaneously or 1x 120kW. In case of parallel charging, the integrated load management guarantees a fair distribution of the available power.

+ 3 AC stations (3x type 2 socket) with a power of 10 kW each.
Thus, in the future up to 5 cars can be charged simultaneously in the garage, and another step towards the necessary infrastructure has been taken.

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