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Renewal of the ISO 9001 certification of TÜV Austria

Highest quality and quality assurance are always our top priority. In the course of an audit, all areas of our company were inspected under strict requirements.

The ISO 9001 certification is a standard for quality management systems and defines the qualification for such systems. Various requirements must be fulfilled by a company in order to receive certification from TÜV Austria.

The ISO9001 examines customer orientation, corporate governance, process-oriented approach, continuous improvement, fact-based decision-making and customer relationship management. The certification also gives our customers the certainty and transparency that we are constantly optimising the quality standards and performance we set for ourselves and have them checked by external experts. It serves as a seal of quality for our existing customers, as well as potential new customers.

The newest audit was successfully completed in April 2021 and the certification should help customers with their decision to choose us for another three years.

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