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Compatibility is Kostad

"Kostad Charging Test

At Kostad, we are passionate about electromobility. For over 13 years, our focus has been on the development and production of innovative charging solutions "made in Austria". In addition to our chargers, this of course also includes the matching vehicles. And what can we say, we love them all. Whether small cars or SUVs, comfortable or sporty, everyday cars or more unusual models.

We start the year 2022 with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 provided by Hyundai Import Gesellschaft m.b.H.

In our charging test videos, we want to illustrate the entire range that electric cars have to offer, but also their compatibility with our charging solutions. What initial impressions do the various cars give us, what are their strengths? How does a charging process work and how much time does it take on average? We'll be taking a close look at new electric vehicles in particular. Have fun watching.