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How long have you been employed at Kostad and what is your function in our company?

I have been with Kostad for over 4 years now and am responsible for product and project management.

What tasks and challenges does working as a project manager entail?

They are very extensive and in addition to the classic tasks, there is also troubleshooting. Challenges, however, are my speciality.

Will electromobility continue to advance in 2022, and what demands will this place on an efficient charging infrastructure?

Definitely, not only in 2022 but also far beyond. The next 10 years will be very exciting and also innovative. In my opinion, we are only at the beginning of electromobility. The trend is towards DC charging - so-called fast charging, the development of vehicle batteries is progressing rapidly and vehicle connectivity is experiencing one advance after another. So in short, things are happening and we are excited about the future.

What upcoming innovations in the field of e-mobility and especially in charging stations can end users look forward to in the near future?

As already mentioned, many innovations are coming our way - from Plug & Charge, which will make the current RFID cards or other means of payment superfluous, to inductive charging, there is still a lot to come. We are constantly developing our products and one of our greatest strengths is their upgrade capability. This means that our customers are not only always up to date, but we also ensure the longevity of our charging columns and thus a more sustainable future.

At the end of last year, you were allowed to ring the famous bell of the Vienna Stock Exchange together with Günter Köstenberger, the CEO of Kostad. How did this moment feel for you?

It was a unique experience and an important step for the future of Kostad. I learned a lot, I was happy to be part of the IPO and I am very proud to be a part of Kostad.


Electric or combustion engine?

Definitely electro, also in private

Acceleration or comfort?

A mixture of both - But in the meantime, comfort has definitely become more important to me than acceleration.

Maximum speed or distance?


Porsche or Tesla?

That's difficult to answer, and I would even choose both, the Porsche as a so-called toy and the Tesla for everyday use.