Portfolio Description

Project Details

Customer: EVN & ASFINAG

Period: ongoing process

Duration: ongoing process

Service: Expansion of charging infrastructure

Rest area of the future - charging infrastructure for trucks and cars

The 16 high-power chargers have been in operation since 1 and 11 March and were implemented together with EVN as the charging station operator and ASFINAG as the rest area operator. This collaboration between three Austrian companies strengthens the regional economy and underlines our commitment to sustainable mobility.

Our CTO, Dr. Wolfgang Baumgartner, emphasizes: "As an Austrian company, the domestic economy is particularly important to us. We are proud to actively contribute to the transport transition together with EVN and ASFINAG. We have been developing customized and innovative solutions in the field of charging infrastructure for over 15 years. Our technologically leading charging stations guarantee future-proofing."

The newly installed charging stations offer powerful and efficient charging for both cars and trucks, reducing charging times to a minimum. The service area in Hausruck is designed exclusively for heavy goods vehicles, while the charging points in Roggendorf are available for both vehicle classes. Specifically, there are five Unity360 High Power Chargers (3x in Roggendorf and 2x in Hausruck) and eleven Unity300 (7x in Roggendorf and 4x in Hausruck), which enable charging capacities of up to 360 kilowatts.