Portfolio Description

Project Details

Customer: Hugelshofer Logistik AG

Period: 2023 - 2024

Duration: 2 years

Service: Charging park fleet

Hugelshofer relies on innovative charging stations from Kostad for state-of-the-art charging park

The Epic Charger series of fast-charging stations is the first charging solution in the industry that can maintain an output of 360 kW in continuous operation without any loss of power. The charging stations, which are manufactured entirely in Austria, keep charging and waiting times to a minimum and maximize efficiency.

"In addition to private transport, the electrification of freight traffic and the transport industry is also essential to drive forward the energy transition. In these sectors in particular, the demands on fast-charging solutions are even higher and the ability to call up maximum power even in continuous operation is indispensable. After all, continuous operation is the key to economic success. We are proud to be living up to our pioneering role here," says Wolfgang Baumgartner, CTO of Kostad.

The new fast-charging stations are the result of intensive development work and various innovations, which were developed in close coordination with the customer's needs. One of the many companies that rely on fast charging stations from Kostad's Epic Charger series is the Swiss transport and logistics company Hugelshofer Logistik AG. Their growing fleet of e-trucks requires charging solutions of the highest standard. In a visionary collaboration with Kostad Schweiz AG and AVIA Volt Suisse AG, an innovative and internationally unique project was implemented here. A charging park with 14 fast-charging stations and a total of 28 fast-charging points was opened on the company premises in Frauenfeld, which is now in continuous operation 24/7 thanks to the charging stations from Kostad. The project now realized by Kostad and Hugelshofer marks significant progress in the charging infrastructure for electric trucks and underlines Kostad's leading role in the field of fast charging.